2010 Geriatric Urology Symposium

Schedule of Events

  • Welcome and AGS Grant/Geriatric Urology Overview
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  • “Physiology of Aging”
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  • “BPH Medical Management”
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  • “Surgically treating obstructing BPH with the KTP Green light Laser”
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  • “Geriatrics and Sexuality in 2010; Does it exist?”
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  • “Socioeconomic Panel: Current Issues in Medicare Reform”
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  • “Prostate Cancer Management by Stage”
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  • “System Issues in the Elderly Patient”
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  • Closing Remarks and Course Evaluation
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Presenting Faculty

  • Elizabeth J. Glazier, MD, MPH and Joseph Basler, PhD, MD

  • Dean L. Kellogg, Jr., MD, PhD

  • Stephen Kraus, MD

  • Craig Robson, MD - PGY 5 Urology Resident

  • LeRoy Jones, MD

  • G. Richard Holt, MD, Jody Rogers, PhD and Arthur Centeno, MD

  • Isam Abdel-Karim, MD and Joseph Basler, PhD, MD

  • Elizabeth J. Glazier, MD, Sandra Sanchez-Reilly, MD and Joseph Basler, PhD, MD

  • Joseph Basler, PhD, MD