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Dept of Urology – UT Healthy Science Center at San Antonio
Urology Faculty and Residents, Back Row (Left to Right): Joseph Basler, MD; Robert Svatek, MD; Javier Hernandez, MD; Timothy Tseng, MD; Richard Otto, MD; Dennis Peppas, MD; Edward Mueller, MD; Stephen Overholser, MD; Ian Thompson III, MD; Aashish Kabra, MD; Stephen Kraus, MD; and Ron Rodriguez, MD. Front Row (Left to Right): Jessica Goetz, DO; Joel Leon-Becerril, MD; Ashley Nava, MD; Humberto Villarreal, MD; Jeffrey White, MD; Jorge Ramirez, MD; Gregory Larsen, MD; Katherine Voss, MD; Eminajulo Adekoya, MD; Christopher Boniquit, MD; Gustavo Villegas, MD; and Edwin Morales, MD


Department of Urology


Welcome to the Department of Urology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. We are a Department of Urology subspecialists who provide state-of-the-art care for patients who seek this care from around the world as well as from our primary population of South Texas and Mexico. We provide Urologic education to medical students, residents, and fellows at UT Health Science Center. Our mission also includes a wide range of research with a primary focus on research that improves the care for patients with Urologic disease.

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2013-2014 Urology Residents, Left to Right: Gustavo Villegas, MD (U-3); Joel Leon-Becerril, MD (U-1); Ashley Nava, MD (U-1); Humberto Villarreal, MD (U-4); Jeffrey White, MD (U-2); Richard Otto, MD (U-1); Jorge Ramirez, MD (U-3); Stephen Overholser, MD (U-2); Aashish Kabra, MD (U-1); Gregory Larsen, MD (U-4); Katherine Voss, MD (U-3); Eminajulo Adekoya, MD (U-2); Christopher Boniquit, MD (U-4); Jessica Goetz, DO (U-2); and Edwin Morales, MD (U-3)