The Department of Urology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio provides the highest quality of care for Urologic Diseases. We are a group of fellowship-trained sub-specialists across the disciplines of Urology who have a wealth of management options for disease of the urinary tract including Prostate and other Urologic Cancers, Urinary Incontinence, Stone Disease, Sexual Dysfunction, Urinary Obstruction, Pediatric Urology, and innovative therapies of all diseases. We bring to our practice a large research effort that allows our faculty to use treatments and concepts that are the most innovative available.

Indeed, we are fortunate to have nationally and internationally-recognized experts in these areas of Urology that are looked-to by Urologists around the work for their recommendations for treatment and prevention of disease. Our research efforts have changed the way Urology is practiced and disease is treated nationally and internationally.

While we are responsible for the management of many individuals with Urologic Disease, it is our single unified focus that each and every patient is uniquely important and we treat all of those individuals who entrust their care to us with our closest attention. I am very proud to have an incredibly talented team of doctors, nurses, researchers, and others who work with me to provide the very best of care to our patients.

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